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St Barnabas was opened on 28th June 1938. The church was built at the request of the first residents on the newly built Lenton Abbey estate and is dedicated to Saint Barnabas, who was a member of one of the first Christian churches and who was known as being an encourager. That is still the aim of Gods people at St Barnabas today - to be an encouragement through our worship, prayers, teaching and community involvement.

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Travelling to St Barnabas

St Barnabas church is served by Nottingham City Transport (services 35 and 36) and Trent Barton buses (Rainbow i4 and service 21). Travelling out of Nottingham, the Derby Road/Charles Avenue stop is located directly outside the church.

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Nottingham City Transport Service 36 Timetable
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Trent Barton Service i4 Map and Timetable
Trent Barton Service 21 Map and Timetable

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